“I brought a beautiful home for my family in 2010 and have always been very happy I did. Khun Panya made it very simple for me as I was working away and was very worried at first as to how it would go not being there. I did not have to lift a finger and was updated continually with photos and progress. The payment plan was pretty straightforward and flexible. In future if I am to build again, I will hopefully be using Khun Panya as he has proven his quality and trust.” Mr.Brendon Milne - Sep, 2012

"WE bought a new house, and satisfied with most of what we got. Some minor aspect we took care of." MR.Arvid- Dec, 2016

"We bought a new house. So far I have Been happy with the service and the people involved.i hope we can wor k together if there are any problems. From what I have seen I am happy with the construction.i will probably have a final opinion once we are in and settled....."Barry Ferguson - May, 2017

"ทำเลดี เดิน 20 นาทีถึงชายหาดบางสเหร่ ทางโครงการ ใช้วัสดุคุณภาพ บริการดี สุภาพ แก้ไข ปัญหาให้ตลอด หมู่บ้านเงียบสงบ อยู่ สบายดี..."Mam Ferguson- May, 2017