Message from the developer, Mr.Panya Sukkittiwara

01 “I have been in the real estate market from the beginning of my career, I started at Thai Sumicon Co., Ltd affiliated to Sumitomo Construction Co.,Ltd. What we were working on was the Lakeside Villa and afterwards, I moved to a project affiliated Land & House Co., Ltd for which I was given the responsibility for the construction. I have also had experience in construction overseas, at the time I was working in the project for Sumitomo Construction in the Middle East which was a housing project for Scandinavians who established projects in the Middle East countries. With the experience gained abroad and here in this county I have applied the accumulated experiences to the Grand Garden Home project, which is carefully constructed with the needs of the residents foremost in my thoughts utilizing the acquired experience to the fore. We built Grand Garden Home on the understanding that our main targeted groups of customers would want a comfortable home in a peaceful environment.”